WW2 Schools’ Workshops

IMG_3936As well as doing WW2 Workshops in schools in the Bromley borough, we have also been invited to schools in the boroughs of Dartford and Greenwich. It’s a great opportunity to share such an interesting period of our history with the younger generation.

 “Thank you for  helping me fully understand WW2 and what it was like to be a young girl like me.”

The pupils are so enthusiastic and are fascinated to hear the wartime stories which were shared with us by local people and used in the Blitz & Bananas film.

“I found it interesting that you put real life stories in the film because you can learn something as well.”

 “Giving us an amazing experience in the workshop helped us to know what it was like in WW2.”

The pupils  also learn about the wartime era and life in the 1940’s home and kitchen.  We bring lots of vintage artefacts for the pupils to use and they enjoy guessing what the items are, such as a carpet beater, milk churn and ‘gazunder’!   ” I loved the ARP stuff and I especially liked the ‘goesunder’ toilet!” 

“The most fascinating artefact was the ARP hat because it was old and  heavy – so how did they carry it on their head?”



The pupils also have the opportunity to dress up in 1940s costumes, hats and uniforms and participate in role plays about evacuation, rationing or other WW2 themes.


“Today was really fun because we got to try on all sorts of clothes and played with WWII artefacts. I learned lots of new things, like what to do if you find an unexploded  bomb.  I also like the suits and my favourite was the soldier. I had a lot of fun and learned lots.” 


The favourite part of the day is often the 1940’s Classroom where the pupils step back in time and have to behave like 1940’s children – arms folded, back straight!  Strict Miss Snipp, their new school mistress, can be somewhat scary, especially with her cane in her hand!

IMG_0113 “My favourite part was when we were school students because you would be really strict.”

 “When you dressed up as a teacher, I thought you were quite scary.”

“Today was awesome and I loved it when you dressed up as a teacher, you’re a really good actress too!”

” You were a very good and strict teacher.  I wonder if they were all like that.   If they were, I’m glad I wasn’t in World War 2!”


The pupils have also loved watching the Blitz & Bananas film – their wonderful comments can be found on another page.

For more details about WW2 Schools’ Workshops, please contact Anna Littler   07757 162114   anna@blitzandbananas.com


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