Reminiscence Sessions & Workshops!

Blitz & Bananas was partly inspired by people sharing stories during Reminiscence sessions.

Anna (writer/director) still loves doing Reminiscence work 

at Residential Homes and clubs for retired people.

Strolling down memory lane, we enjoy lots of fun and laughter as well as sharing moving or funny stories from the past.

Anna arrives in a vintage costume with a suitcase or two full of vintage toys, household items and/or clothing to get the ball rolling…

…and everyone has chance to share their stories and memories if they wish.

Remember these?

Carpet beaters, washboards, ration books and smock dresses?

Did you listen to Dick Barton on a Bakelite radio?

What was the first thing you bought when sweets were no longer rationed?

Did you dress up and celebrate Empire Day at school?

Did you buy anything from the Muffin Man, the Cat Meat Man or the Winkle Seller?

Anna has been doing Reminiscence for about 10 years.  It’s highly recommended by health professionals for people with Dementia but is also a great activity for everyone as it’s great for our brains as well as our emotional well-being.

Contact Anna if you’d like to know more about booking a Reminiscence Session, especially in South East London and the boroughs of Bromley, Bexley and Sevenoaks.  Anna is also a Jazz & Wartime singer – in case it’s of interest!

Enquiries: 07757 162114


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