What A Triumph!

The Yanks Are Here!

They said it couldn’t be done.

They said it was madness even to consider it.

They said disappointment and dismay would result.

But it did happen…TWICE and with huge, huge success!

Three Young Stars Red Carpet Ready

When Anna Littler decided to book the Churchill Theatre for the premiere of her locally made film ‘Blitz and Bsnanas’ many thought that she was being over ambitious. After all this is a BIG theatre, renowned for staging Big name West End productions to Big audiences, and here was a small film maker wanting to show her first ever feature film there…ambitious? To be totally frank it seemed bananas!

Bromley Stops And Stares

But in true Wayne’s World style Anna believed.

‘Book the Churchill Theatre’ She philosophized ‘and They will Come.’

And sure enough with the unstinting and tireless help of her army of Bananites (a more wonderful team of enthusiastic folks you’re not likely to meet) the word was spread far and wide and the tickets sold.

Churchill Theatre Here We Come


I’m sure Anna would be the first to agree that amongst her Bananites she had some stonking good ticket sellers (i wont name names but you know who you are) and it quickly transpired that the film show was going to be a sell out. Result enough you might think, but that wasn’t enough for Anna. She was determined that no one miss out on the opportunity to see the film and took the bold step of organizing a second showing of the film!

Let's Cut A Rug


So again the Bananites rallied to Anna’s assistance, selling tickets and helping scale the logistical mountain necessary to make it all happen.

Entertaining The Troops

And happen it very much did. Two sell out showings of the film, a comprehensive display of Wartime artefacts, raffles and prizes, a parade of vintage and Wartime vehicles through Bromley High Street, guests and Bananites in period costume.

The Throng

To complete the ‘Experience’ was the most brilliant demonstration of dancing from a great troupe, all in 1940’s clothes who entertained a capacity crowd outside the Theatre before and after the shows. What stars! They Jitterbugged and gyrated with real joy and energy and helped make the day complete. Even the sun shone, smiling down on us with delicious warmth.

Some of the Bananites

I’m sure there’ll be a more official account about the Premiere soon but I just wanted to jot down my take on what was undoubtedly A Great Event!

The Capacity Audience

After the shows a retiring collection was taken (what a great use for tin baths!) and I understand that over £900 was raised for The Poppy Appeal and Help For Heroes.

Still Dancing


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