Comments from the audience!

“A brilliant combination of humour and sensitivity which appeals to all ages, and resulting, for me, in a renewed sense of gratitude that my parents and I survived!” Hilary

“What a lovely film,  you all deserve a pat on the back. I had my 15 year old son with me  who loved it too. Thank you for sharing with us !!” Jacky

“My Mum went to it this afternoon as well she said it was brilliant well done everyone who was involved.” Vanessa

“What a fantastic afternoon! I could happily have sat through the film all over again.” Sheila

“It was a great film, very thought provoking, engaging, amusing and tragic by turns.” Ann

“Many many congratulations on Blitz and Bananas. I was really moved by the film. Very emotional.” Vince

“An amazing piece of work.” David


“Everyone I spoke to was very very impressed.” John

” Great cast and storyline. ” Anna B

“Many congratulations on a superb day’s entertainment. The film exceeded our expectations and judging from the reaction it got, I’m sure most of the audience would agree. All that hard work really did pay off.”

Mike & Jo


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