Welcome To The 1940s

Land Girl

Back to the future? No, no, no we’re going back to the past!

Blitz and Bananas is a period drama set in the 1940s and like all period productions capturing the look of the era is vitally important to creating an authentic finished film.

The Garden Wardrobe Concept

Film maker Anna Littler, has never been one to take the easy option when giving her creativity full reign, and so when the concept of a story set in the 1940s came to her she didn’t hesitate to take on the challenge of going back in time.

Squeezing into the Scullery

Placing a movie in a historic context creates a raft of problems that no contemporary story would ever have and consequently Anna had her work cut out for her to bring to life the world of wartime Britain, the world of rationing, bombing, evacuees and austerity fashions. As I said Anna certainly likes a challenge!

Drawing on the experiences and memories of those that who lived through the time and augmenting this with many hours of research Anna set to work painstakingly bringing together all the elements needed to dress her actors and her sets in the style of yesteryear.

All Change for the Next Scene

Working with a strict budget Anna and her team didn’t have the luxury of a quick trip to a prop supplier or theatrical costumier and instead needed to exercise imagination and initiative in acquiring period items from a hundred different sources.

Spats and Running Board, how period is that!

Numerous visits to charity shops, boot fairs and online auction sites complemented the generous loans and gifts made by friends, family and keen supporters of Anna’s vision, gradually furnished the many bits and pieces that were needed for the film. Everything from a pair of spectacles to a vintage car, gas masks, tin hats, and every stitch of clothing, everything had to be right and stand up under the unblinking gaze of the movie camera.

Every Detail Counts

Unsurprizingly this drive for perfection gave Anna more than a little in the way of headaches as she searched high and low for this or that elusive prop or location. Bomb shelter anyone? How about a bowler hat size 7 3/8 please? Have you got a 1940s dolly? What about a house without uPVC double glazing or plastic guttering? I think you get the point, every detail is important and must be able to bear the scrutiny of an audience that may well be familiar with these details first hand.

As these photographs show Anna and her team were highly accomplished at recreating the past in every scene. They worked tirelessly and skillfully so that rooms were transformed with period furniture and accessories to create the desired look.

Austins advance

Set dressing is a core trade on any film production and Blitz and Bananas was no different, requiring a small army of volunteers to prepare a location for shooting, often working to a very tight timetable and in some very awkward situations so that a scene could be slated and the crew able to move onto the next without delay.

An Old Fashioned Face

Having seen the hard work of this team from close quarters I can say without fear of contradiction that their nickname ‘the miracle workers’ was justly deserved. Well done all!

Simon Earwicker

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