Community Project – Get Involved!

I’m delighted that Blitz & Bananas has become a big community project in the Bromley area involving people of all abilities and ages – aged from 1 month to 91 years!

We started with a group from Orpington Video & Film Makers but the film attracted so many other volunteers including TV actors Brian Murphy and Linda Regan (plus several vintage cars and houses!) that we were able to achieve far more than we had anticipated!


We’ve not only made a feature film but we’ve had great fun, learned new skills and made lots of new friends!   But it’s not too late to get involved!  We’ve still a few cutaways to film although the bulk of the footage is now ‘in the can’ and being edited.  Any experienced film editors who would like to help out would be invaluable. If publicity or helping to organise the Premiere appeals to you, we’d love more people to join our team!  So drop me an email – even if it’s just to come and brainstorm some ideas or to find out more!

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