Blitz & Bananas Film Premiere ~ Churchill Theatre

Sunday 1st April 2012 – Churchill Theatre, Bromley

First Showing:

Wartime Experience! from 1.30pm

Film Premiere – 2.30pm


Second Showing – due to demand!

Wartime Experience! from 4.30pm

Film Premiere – 5.30pm


As well as showing the Blitz & Bananas feature film, we also plan to have some vintage cars with us, 1940s dancers (and lots of other exciting vintage things!) to make the afternoon an educational wartime experience for the young, or a trip down memory lane for the young at heart!  

Why not come dressed in wartime costume!

Or try on some of ours!

Join in the celebrations!


Adults £10, Children £5 (U16)

Group deal: buy 10 and get the 11th ticket free.

Discounted Family ticket: 2 adults & 2 children for £26

 N. B. The film is suitable for school aged children but contains references to war and death.

The topics in the film do tie in with the national curriculum –  WW2 is often studied in year 6 so please encourage children or school teachers you know to come too!

All tickets can only be purchased in advance, so please don’t leave it too late!

If you know of any clubs,

history groups,

educational establishments,

local magazines etc.

which may like to bring a group or publicise the event for us, please let us know!


Tickets are available at the Churchill Theatre, High St, BROMLEY. 

(NB There are theatre booking fees if you book by phone or on line but not if you go in person.)

Or feel free to contact Freddy or Anna to book.

Freddy: 01689 813 616.   Also contact Anna for group bookings:  01689 862 825.

Lots more great photos taken on the shoot by Simon Earwicker  can also be seen on:


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